Tear and Share
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Hoxton Square Gallery


tel Richard Maddalena 0776 1767423


“Tear and Share”

Thursday October 1st 2009

Calling all artists! An opportunity.

Bring your works on paper to Hoxton Square Gallery London on October 1st 2009 from 6 pm for the purpose of tearing and sharing. Your inspired and noted sacrifice will be added to the contemporary mixture, that has been and will be freely distributed amongst the people.

Call Richard Maddalena on 0776 1767423 if needed.

tear and share0037
tear and share0018

Katy Wan

tear and share0025
tear and share0019
Katy Wan
tear and share0003
tear and share0011

Gudrun S Haraldsdottir

tear and share001302
tear and share0027
tear and share0034
Tyrone O`Mealy Bowley
Ralegh Long02
Ed Grant
tear and share0030
Steve Mallaghan

Steve Mallaghan

tear and share0029

Charis Oliver-Hobley

Mark Willingale

Tyrone O`Meally-Bowley

Ralegh Long

Ed Grant

Richard Maddalena

Richard Maddalena

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