A Corruption of Consciousness
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Hoxton Square Gallery


“A Corruption Of Consciousness” Nov 6th 2008 7.30pm


What is "Corruption" ?
Thursday May 3rd of 2007, "Paint your Pillow and fight night" 
In the heat of battle an artists pillow bursts upon the "public space" of
Hoxton Square. On the afternoon of the following day the filling was collected pinch by pinch simultaneously gathering up other adjacent debris.

The contents were then used to fill a fresh pillow case and delivered to
Gilbert and George who signed it "love from Gilbert and George"

 Sunday May 13th 2007, Waldemar Januszczak in the Sunday Times describes the Hoxton Square Gallery event with the words

"...as clear an example as I can imagine of the corruption of consciousness"

On the morning of Thursday October 2nd 2008 Paolo Tamburella adds some of his wax to the mixture....................

How do I get some?
 Thursday November 6th 2008 Make your way over to the centre of Hoxton Square by 7.30pm  and cushion your future  with a little "corruption"         
A second serving will take place on Saturday 8th of November at 3pm


November 2008 302

Richard Maddalena a brief moment between corruptions

"The  Permanent Suggestion"