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Hoxton Square Gallery


tel Richard Maddalena 0776 1767423

“Paint your Pillow and Fight Night”


The Hoxton Square Gallery guidelines for participating  artists.



Any time between now and May 3rd


Get yourself a pillow and place your art upon it.


Don’t hold back in terms of the message but in materials be mindful of other participants body contact with it



May 3rd


6pm the performance begins.



From 6pm to 7pm find a comfortable spot in the garden area of the square. This will provide you with the opportunity, if you haven’t already done so, of placing your art upon your pillow. Having a spare pillowcase is useful so that you can change your ideas last minute if desired.


Feel free to approach other artists and try out your moves. The aim of this performance is not solely to fight but also to air the idea you want to fight for. Presentational moves are as important as offensive and defensive ones.



7pm the fight begins.


Be kind.


8pm the fight ends.


Leave gardens and place your pillow against the railings on the outside of the gardens. The performance now takes the form of an exhibition.


Take the opportunity to talk with your audience.


9pm the performance ends


Any doubts ?

call Richard Maddalena on 0776 1767423






"The  Permanent Suggestion"